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Telecommunications is a broad industry that encompasses the transmission and reception of voice, data, and multimedia over long distances.  It involves various technologies and services, including telephone networks, internet connectivity, mobile communication, satellite communication, and more.  Telecom plays a pivotal role in connecting people and businesses worldwide, facilitating global communication, and enabling the exchange of information and ideas in real-time.  With the continuous advancements in technology, the telecom industry has evolved to provide faster and more reliable communication services, including high-speed internet, 5G networks, and a wide array of digital services that have become an integral part of modern life. 


Our goal is to help businesses optimize their processes and services through the use of our technical, analytical and unified communications consulting practices while providing exceptional customer service.  We perform in-depth analysis of your communication services and systems with the objective of reducing costs through pure savings, credits, erroneous charges and service realignment.

  • Success-based pricing model.
  • Save an average of 33% on your technology spend.
  • Detailed reporting on service usage and costs.

Up-to-date Communication Systems

Is your business still using an outdated phone system? Is your current technology equipped for the demands of a hybrid working environment? If you’re looking to transition your business to TEAMS™ but lack the necessary capabilities, we can help.

We conduct a comprehensive market analysis to:

  • Streamline vendor choices from 400+ carriers and suppliers.
  • Offer expert recommendations.
  • Aid in contract negotiations.
  • Efficiently manage implementation projects.

Telecom and Wireless Expense Management (TEM/WEM)

 We have effectively audited providers and carriers outside the scope of TEM/WEM solutions, achieving an average of 25% additional savings.

  • Food/Bev Company
    • TEM Findings - $20k
    • Partner Findings - $2.2M
  • Major Bank
    • WEM Findings - $0
    • Partner Findings: $2.5M

Professional Services

Boost your business’s efficiency and savings each month with our expert support services! Channel your efforts into other business activities while we:

  • Monitor and safeguard your savings.
  • Oversee TEM/WEM software for enhanced savings and solutions.
  • Enhance communication efficiency.

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