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EKC Strategic Business Alliance is based in the suburbs of Philadelphia and works with clients on a national level to identify Energy Savings, Specialized Tax Incentives, Expense Reduction and Financial Enhancement opportunities.  We offer the one opportunity that EVERY business is looking for – Enhanced Profit Margins.  Our revolutionary business service distinguishes us from any consulting service and can help you get to where you need to go.

Every owner wants a lower operational expense to run their business, generate growth, reinvest in development opportunities and/or retain more profits.  However, the ability to realize operational inefficiencies is time consuming and overly complex.  Most business owners and their accountants are skilled at leveraging industry standard techniques to manage their finances, but the tax code is complicated and obscure.  MILLIONS of dollars are lost each year in the small business sector due to unrealized or underutilized tax incentives.  We are here to make sure that does not happen to you and your business.

We will learn about your company and its goals, identify and calculate any potential tax incentives and operational cost savings, and map out the necessary steps to obtain the benefit and lower expenses.

Our process ensures that working with EKC is as simple and straight forward as possible.  Our team will leverage our simple playbook while working side by side with you, your CPAs and accounting staff to efficiently realize all possible savings.