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Ellis Chandler

Ellis Chandler

Founding Partner/Financial Advisor

Ellis Chandler started in the financial services industry during a very tumultuous time. In 2008, he saw many of his friends and families lose money and was dedicated to find a better way for individuals to save for their financial goals. He founded EKC Wealth Strategies with this idea in mind: increase his clients' net worth through the application of cutting-edge financial strategies to help them discover hidden wealth that might be being lost unintentionally. His investing philosophy is centered around low-risk, low-volatility investing while also focusing on a decent rate of return.

Ellis has always loved helping others and at his firm, he enjoys creatively redirecting his clients' wealth to enhance their estates, improve their lifestyles, and help provide a comfortable, rewarding retirement. He enjoys giving people confidence that they can pursue their financial goals and be protected during market corrections 

Ellis lives in Lancaster County, PA with his wife Tracy and his daughter Courtney.